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25 Years helping Global Businesses & Families

Have a role that doesn't justify hiring a permanent person?

Contractors aren't the answer either?

Tired of dragging through mountains of CVs/Resumés?

Engage me directly and get the best of all worlds.

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I look after all infrastructure (servers/email/computers) for small business; I manage back end systems serving high-demand web solutions (MS IIS & SQL) for companies like Subway NZ, Pizza Hut AU & Nandos UK; I also have a wonderfully simple yet powerful Internet solution for families or small businesses struggling to manage their Internet.

Cyber Safety

< Wrestle back control of household (or business) Internet!

I offer...

  • extensive experience with Global Companies in USA, Bermuda, UK & NZ

  • the ability to get up to speed fast, appearing to you as a full-time employee able to respond round the clock, with no strings attached

  • ad hoc consulting as needed, or blocks of time at preferred rates

  • relaxed and assured service, working with Fortune 500 CEOs, regular staff, Vendors & Customers with equal confidence and efficiency

  • to families, a simple package that just makes Internet manageable by "turning off" the Net by child at different times, so they get some sleep!

Couldn't be easier.

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