modernise your email

Simplify & Modernise your email moving it to the "Cloud" & cutting costs

  • No one whose email I've moved to the Cloud, would switch back now

  • I can dispel Cloud-based Email Myths for you

  • Learn the few simple things you need to know (save yourself hours & $$)

  • Verbalise your requirements (I'll ask you some simple questions)

  • Decide if Google G Suite or Microsoft® Office 365 is a match

  • Get a fair estimate and sort your email once and for all

No more outages or lost email, same set of Contacts and Calendar from Outlook, Web or Phone, happy users and lower costs - so what are you waiting for?

Learn how and why...

  • If you currently have your own Email Server - read "MyServer-vs-Cloud" >

  • If you don't have your own Server (or aren't sure) read "POP-vs-Cloud" >

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