Joe Geaney

...practical, experienced, straight-talking, values integrity.

Joe is a 4th generation New Zealander who began life on Waiheke Island. He Specialises in Microsoft Windows Server and SQL, all Desktop Operating Systems, and has worked with email since it was an intra-office-only solution before the Internet started. He loves looking after Small Businesses, Corporates and Families alike, and relates comfortably to people at any level.

He's consulted to Global companies and corner stores for 24 years. He spent 15 years out of NZ, in the UK and Bermuda. The latter is a powerhouse of International companies, the Reinsurance market there being larger than Lloyds of London. It's a microcosm of North America with a British influence, and a superb leading-edge technical environment.

Joe combines Kiwi pragmatism with international experience, bringing a common sense "real" approach to IT challenges.

He's worked for The London Stock Exchange, City of London Corporation, IBM (UK), and a suite of Internationals with market cap in billions – e.g. NYSE:RNR and NYSE:VR. In New Zealand Joe worked at what is now OneNet before heading overseas. These days he is responsible for systems that process online and smartphone orders for Subway NZ, Pizza Hut Australia and Nandos UK, making sure your order is ready when you get to a store. He also looks after web infrastructure in the UK & Europe that delivers SUBCARD loyalty programs, or allows you to order a burger from https://www.byronhamburgers.com/ or a ‘good change’ from https://www.wagamama.com/!

At a time when it was difficult and rare to do so, he built a network linking Argentina, Brazil, Colombia & Mexico back to Bermuda. He was the contracted CTO to Latin American Re (now XL Re Latin America). He introduced the first Windows NT Servers in Bermuda & connected in-house email to the Internet for the first adopters in the early 1990s.

Joe has an undying passion for IT. He loves to solve the challenges small businesses and families face, just as much he enjoys delivering solutions for larger corporates. In many ways, the issues facing small business and homes are tougher to manage than handling corporate policy-based IT.

After his first year of school on Waiheke the family moved to Pakuranga where he spent his formative years. He's a lifetime Liverpool FC and All Black supporter; a Scout Leader in Coatesville; loves David Bowie, Ken Follet books, and movies like Shawshank Redemption & those Bourne ones - all except that last effort! He spends most of his spare time being there for his wife and family of 5 children.