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Outsourced IT while you sleep

from someone who knows your people, your business & your challenges

Joe Geaney is a top IT Infrastructure Consultant. 20+ years living in Bermuda, the US & the UK serving International companies has provided an intimate knowledge of Global businesses & their people. Now in New Zealand, Joe provides “overnight” services to Bermuda, the US and Europe.

Consider how supplementing your IT resources with an experienced consultant in another time zone adds value and lifts team spirits…

  • While you’re sleeping that heavy backlog of IT tasks will get picked off – documentation, test, trial software, deployments, roll-outs of new staff, migration of data to new SANs

  • Hand over that job you couldn’t otherwise because it would take longer to explain than to do it yourself - even with minimal engagement Joe will get to know your business inside out

  • A company executive is in Asia-Pacific and can’t get email needed for a meeting in an hour – it’s 1am in Bermuda and 5am in the UK – who are they going to call? Joe can handle these sorts of situations that 24-hr help desks struggle with

  • Your IT team have racks of systems that run all hours and can’t be patched automatically. You need this done hands-on, after hours, after that big RMS job is finished

  • Speaking of that big underwriting job - it has to be watched all night to ensure it doesn’t stall

  • It’s late and your IT team has hours of catchup work after a long day with issues - engage Joe to set things right overnight

  • Your staff work odd hours and deserve intelligent knowledgable help like Joe has delivered for years - once from down the road, and now from across the world

Basis for Engagement