What makes a great local consultant?
Maybe someone who's spent 20+ years working for top International Businesses in the US, UK, Bermuda and New Zealand

Joe Geaney has lived and worked more than 20 years overseas with top global companies.  When your infrastructure really matters, trust someone with the pedigree - who's been there and done that, all over the planet.

Joe specialises in...
  • Microsoft® Windows Server more

    Business-critical Virtual or Physical servers installed, configured and health-checked to professionally & reliably 
     your business 
  • Microsoft® SQL Server more

    When your data matters, make sure it's stored with redundancy and backup, has suitable spare disk to work with & is available & performs well - stave off those failures that  impact your brand and your bottom line! 
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server more

    Keep your email healthy, wealthy & deliverable!
  • Email - Google Apps™ & Microsoft® Office 365 more

    Switch to the cloud and never think about email storage or backup ever again ...oh, and make your users deliriously happy in the process - spam-free & able to find every email that ever passed their way with simple searches!